Our Specialty






  • Quality : Quality is our first commitment and we do not compromise on quality. We do believe in the slogan “profit is the logical sequence of quality”.
  • Unique design : We believe in uniqueness of individual choice and fashion. Thus, we treat our every single buyer as a unique set of end user customer’s preferences. By believing this, we create a unique identity of every single customer through designing a unique and elegant set of wear for the customer.
  • Unique R&D unit : We have put a great part of our effort in our R&D unit. We do consider our every effort in developing the right product for our customer. By using our R&D activities, we offer our valued customer several set of alternatives of desired product with variety in design, costing, quality etc. Our R&D department helps us developing alternatives, which enables our buyer to choose the right product for them.
  • Sampling : With the help of our R&D unit, we produce alternative set of samples of the desired product so that our customer can get the right one for them.
  • Pricing : With the help of our R&D, we find the best pricing & quality composition as per buyer requirements. Thus, we can offer the best competitive price in the market.
  • Timeliness : We do believe in timely shipment of every assignment. This is a part of our basic business commitment.
  • CAD/CAM: We are equipped with a new set up of Garment CAD/CAM Solution in Latest Technology for accurate parts & patterns of garments in a shorter time.


  • All digital weighing balance to ensure accurate measurement of yarn and fabric to ensure material control.
  • CCTV to observe and monitor the working environment in the production floor in the day as well as in the night shift.
  • Time card punching machine for monitoring timely "IN & OUT" of the workers and thereby ensure worker attendance, overtime, as well as timely calculation of salary with a maximum accuracy.
  • Software to introduce a computer aided system of production planning, HRD, commercial, purchase, Accounts and inventory control.
  • A class room/ Training center for workers with Latest Teaching Aids and Equipment.
  • Appropriate protection against fire.
  • Public address system.
  • Central Ware House for efficient material handling.
  • Minimum wastage at each level of production.
  • A beautiful factory designed by renowned architects. Proper layout of machinery in the production floors by experienced personnel's considering work agronomy to bring maximum efficiency of the workers.